Posted by: grabitbytheballs | January 26, 2010


Who trains in the cold and enjoys it? Hockey training tonight, where I’ll wear a billion clothes.

I’m also planning to get up at 6.30, cycle to the station to catch the 6.56, politely ask the guard if there are any bike spaces left and then either get on or wait for the 7.26. It doesn’t sound ideal if I’m honest but I can’t book a bike space on that train as it’s first come first served. How do I find the guard? Bah. Thanks South West Trains, I’m almost intimidated out of it already.

Posted by: grabitbytheballs | January 20, 2010

And I still haven’t got rid of the car…

Funding is a challenge. I need to raise £2k to do Raleigh. Sounds like a lot of money, especially when I also have to save my own money like a demon. So being frugal with my own cash whilst trying to encourage people to donate is a challenge. 

Needless to say – donating through JustGiving means that all the money going to my charitable stuff goes to the charity. As does the offline money.  Perhaps the Catholic guilt rubbed off on my in the 4 years I was educated by nuns.

Anyway, for the record, savings and donations are two very separate things and those lines don’t cross.

I’m also more eligible for work visas than previously thought. Can do most into my 31st year. (Canada, NZ, Oz).

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Hello world!

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